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Technology That Will Inspire You (Or At Least Make You More Productive)

A sampling of technology applications that can be used to further your business efficiency and productivity. (more…)


Surveying the Product Options Menu

During the last decade, the number of loan products and programs has increased significantly, with some aimed at “mainstream” (more…)


The LO That Never Sleeps

If I could give anyone a one-lined answer for the best and quickest way to get results with a Web site, I would simply say, (more…)


Modeling: The Shortcut to Success

Wherever I speak and teach, there is always a burning question that arises among loan officers: “What is the one thing I can do to be successful?” Until today, my answer has always



Taking a More Strategic Approach

Like most salespeople, loan originators are tactical by nature. They operate on a “get-it-done” mentality, moving from task to task throughout the day (more…)


Tapping Into the Construction Market

With the changing market we are now experiencing, it is getting more competitive when dealing with potential borrowers. Since we all have the same basic products, (more…)


The “New” Management Challenges

Welcome to “déjà vu all over again.” Assuming you have management responsibilities within your organization, how are you accepting and handling the current market contraction? Stressed? Worried? Cutting staff? (more…)



One successful LO describes his customer follow-up campaign.

Excluding real estate investors, most people will buy somewhere between four and eight homes in their lifetime. (more…)


Creating Neighborhood Associations

As originators, most of us have been taught—since the first day we embarked on our careers in the mortgage industry—the importance of having industry partners. (more…)


Your Secret Marketing Tool

The number one complaint from real estate agents is that lenders/originators beg for business, but when given a deal, don’t perform as promised or expected. (more…)


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