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Sales Managers


MyHeadHunter.com is a leader in recruitment and job placement in the mortgage industry in the states of New York and Florida. We understand what it takes to find and maintain a successful job in the mortgage industry and we work hard to recruit and train the best people for their careers as mortgage sales managers in the real estate industry.

Our years of experience in the mortgage industry has positioned us as the premier company when it comes to recruiting mortgage sales managers, mortgage loan originators, mortgage processors and mortgage underwriters.

Our due diligence process allows us to match mortgage sales managers with the right company allowing these individuals to enjoy long-lasting, working relationships with the business where they’ve been hired.

Recruiting for careers in the mortgage industry is different than recruiting for other jobs. Mortgage careers require special skills and a certain personality or disposition. MyHeadHunter.com clearly understands what it takes to find and maintain a successful career in the mortgage industry and takes recruiting seriously. Your successful placement as a mortgage sales manager is our ultimate goal.

No, you don’t have to pay a dime; we get compensated by the hiring company. We pride ourselves in providing loan officers suitable placement without any fees from the loan officer.

Yes, we work with clients that offer sign-on bonuses to qualified candidates with a proven track record.

Yes, we work with mortgage companies that will sponsor you for a mortgage license through NMLS. If you are thinking about getting licensed as a mortgage loan originator, rest assured that we have lenders/brokers that would sponsor you and provide training as well.

Currently we service only Florida and New York. This doesn’t mean that we cant help if you are calling from other states. Contact us and we’ll try to assist.

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