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Tapping Into the Construction Market

With the changing market we are now experiencing, it is getting more competitive when dealing with potential borrowers. Since we all have the same basic products, (more…)


The “New” Management Challenges

Welcome to “déjà vu all over again.” Assuming you have management responsibilities within your organization, how are you accepting and handling the current market contraction? Stressed? Worried? Cutting staff? (more…)



One successful LO describes his customer follow-up campaign.

Excluding real estate investors, most people will buy somewhere between four and eight homes in their lifetime. (more…)


Creating Neighborhood Associations

As originators, most of us have been taught—since the first day we embarked on our careers in the mortgage industry—the importance of having industry partners. (more…)


Your Secret Marketing Tool

The number one complaint from real estate agents is that lenders/originators beg for business, but when given a deal, don’t perform as promised or expected. (more…)


Developing Customer Loyalty

“More and more these days we hear it said, ‘Your customer is your only true asset.'”

What will the stock market do next? Which way will interest rates go? How much are my competitors’ actions going to squeeze my margins? How much of my business will the Internet take away — and how soon? (more…)


Affordable Housing

As originators, we need to seek out the business that will be the most profitable for us, right? Yes and no. It’s always important to make sure that you are paid what you are worth. But, in reality, our job as loan originators is to help people buy homes. (more…)


Asking for the Business

“The ‘how’ will become apparent, it’s the ‘when’ that I believe makes all the difference in the world. “

If you’ve been a loan officer for any length of time, you’ve probably been in at least one slump during your career. (more…)


Re-Strategize Your Realtor Relationships

One of the advantages of a cooling market is the sanity of time that accompanies the absence of frenzy. (more…)


Choosing a Consumer- Direct Approach

“Originators should picture themselves choosing that ‘horse’ that will carry them into a long lasting, extremely profitable, and fun career.” (more…)


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