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Accessibility Increases Your Success Rate

I believe that a key to origination success is being available to customers. How do you make your services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week using effective and unique systems that appeal to a variety of different personal styles and still keep a personal life? (more…)


Planning With Purpose

Most people spend more time planning Thanksgiving dinner for family than they do developing a strategy for their business or life. (more…)


Small Investment and Big Return

Small investment and big return. No, I’m not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme, and I don’t want to sell you oceanfront property in Arizona. I’m talking about investing time in yourself to reap the benefits of higher production and income. (more…)


Processors Discuss Best Work Strategies

This month we asked five originators to share their strategies for creating an effective originator/processor relationship. (more…)


Growing Your Team

Advice From Originators Who Have Perfected “The Art” of Team Building

Most mortgage loan originators would welcome the chance to form their own team with one or more assistants. Certainly there are some who prefer a solo routine—because they don’t wish to delegate any of the loan transaction details or believe they can’t afford the required investment. (more…)


The Cooperative Relationship of Lenders and Brokers

“As you consider co-op possibilities, remember that what may be a huge advertising expense for a mortgage broker, is often very small change to a large mortgage wholesaler.” (more…)


FHA Lending: A Wealth of Opportunities

The facts about FHA origination and what it can mean for your business.

Despite a continued decrease in popularity, I love FHA—and I think there are many others who would agree with me. (more…)


Sell Yourself to Realtors

“Successful mortgage originators learned early on that service is the key to capturing and controlling a Realtor’s referral business.”



Why Should You Get A Job In The Mortgage Business?

Maybe you’ve been in the mortgage industry for years or maybe you’re just starting out. (more…)


Breaking Into the Mortgage Industry

With millions of homeowners in the United States, the need for residential mortgages is rising, making these dealings some of the most essential to the growth of the economy. (more…)


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