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Track Record

MyHeadHunter.com has risen above its competitors as the premier placement agency. Mortgage companies rely upon us when they need qualified people to hire as loan originators, mortgage processors and mortgage underwriters. Our training and corporate partnership programs offer innovative and comprehensive learning materials and instruction designed to improve and develop skills to enhance productivity throughout an organization’s management structure.

One reason for successful track record is our involvement in the mortgage industry since 1993, but experience is only one of the reasons behind our success. When we asked our clients why they rely upon us, five reasons stood out.


MyHeadHunter delivers the most comprehensive training programs specifically designed to the needs of each organization. Loan originators and management personnel report learning and perfecting exciting strategies and tactics to achieve better results in key areas, including:

  • Increased production
  • Improved sales
  • Enhanced employee loyalty
  • Improved customer service response


Our corporate partnership program relies upon skilled and experienced trainers whose expertise in team sales and leadership development and is unsurpassed. We supplement the experience of our trainers with the most comprehensive and innovative curriculum and course materials prepared by people with years of mortgage industry experience.


Trainers work to energize and engage participants using any number of tools available to them, including the interactive format of the program. Participants are encouraged and motivated to exchange ideas and share experiences with each other through discussions facilitated by trainers who are dedicated to the success of each person in the program.


Every participant in any of our programs is afforded multiple opportunities during training for one-on-one attention from a MyHeadHunter trainer. We reinforce each participant’s importance to the success of the program by soliciting their feedback and comments throughout the course of the training.


We are a trusted industry leader because the organizations working with us see measurable results from their participation in our sales and leadership training, including:

  • Enhanced sales performance
  • Improved management skills and effectiveness
  • Improved recruiting

The success of MyHeadHunter.com sales and leadership training is what makes companies continue to come back to us for the services we offer. Contact us today for more information.

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