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Fact or Myth: Likeable People Succeed where Others Fail

Great leaders have something about them that makes others want to go out of their way to cooperate and do things for them.

Power has been described as the ability to influence people to do things they might not otherwise be willing to do. The ability to be liked by others does not come naturally to some people, but anyone can learn to develop traits shared by likeable people.

  • Learn to say “please” and “thanks” more frequently

Rude people might seem to get what they want on occasion, but rarely will you see people going out of their way to help a rude person. The manager who thanks a worker for doing something or prefaces instructions with “please” will probably get better results from the people he or she supervises. People want to help the manager they like because they want that person to succeed.

  • Develop a positive outlook and don’t be afraid to display it

It can get tiring being around someone who is constantly complaining. Positive attitudes displayed by people in leadership positions inspire other people to think and act in a positive and productive way.

  • Be soft-spoken and use a friendly tone of voice with others

Speaking in a friendly, confident tone of voice causes others to want to listen and hear what you have to say. It’s easier to lead and persuade people when they are attentive and listening to you than it is by using an offensive tone of voice and have people tune you out.

  • Be confident and maintain your composure

Good leaders rarely show anger or lose their composure when things do not go as planned. Confidence and a calm demeanor lets others know you are in control of a situation and encourages them to help you to find and implement a solution.

  • Likeable people don’t procrastinate

Some people spend more time talking about a problem than they do formulating a solution to it. People like to be around someone who, when confronted with a challenge, rises up to resolve it without wasting a great deal of time rehashing the fact a challenge exists.

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