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Corporate Partnerships

The creation of a cohesive sales philosophy within an organization is one of the reasons companies choose MyHeadHunter.com and our corporate partnerships program. We offer 12 months of training with mortgage industry sales and leadership experts to transform and energize a company’s management and loan officers into becoming more effective and productive leaders and producers.

How companies benefit from our program

We’ve been servicing the mortgage industry since 1993, so we know a thing or two about what distinguishes an industry leader from the also-rans. Our corporate partnerships program is ideal for any company desiring to achieve the following:

  • Implementation of a company-defined sales methodology and process
  • Creation of effective, energized leadership from existing team personnel
  • Engagement of all members of a team for improved prospecting
  • Revitalization of recruiting
  • Development of a sales culture among management and loan officers to achieve predictable growth

Customized program designed to help each company achieve its goals

MyHeadHunter.com provides comprehensive training designed to deliver the knowledge, skills and leadership principles to meet the needs of a specific organization. We do not employ a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we design a unique set of learning systems and management tools for our certified instructors to utilize to deliver comprehensive sales training, integration of systemized business processes and leadership strategies and development.

Our program incorporates a combination of specialized teaching methods we have developed along with a customized curriculum presented by experienced trainers who engage participants in absorbing and compelling live, interactive sessions. The feedback we receive from our corporate partners is overwhelmingly positive and includes reference to the following benefits:

  • Enhanced performance reported by loan officers following sales strategy training
  • Improvement in the skills and effectiveness of managers
  • Improved recruiting success

The benefits of our unique training program are measurable at every level of a mortgage company’s internal structure. From improved sales generated by reenergized loan officers to an invigorated management team utilizing newly acquired and refined skills in support of the company’s sales force, the success of our sales and leadership development program has been proven time after time.

Contact us today to learn more

Contact MyHeadHunter.com to find out how corporate partnerships can turn your mortgage company into a dynamic industry leader.

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